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Why Femme Jock?


Femme Jock will work for you if you :

  • If you are experiencing functional difficulties due to prolapse

  • Are routinely doing activities that impact your pelvic floor

  • Want to reduce pain and discomfort from pelvic prolapse

  • Relax your pelvic muscles after a difficult vaginal delivery

  • Support your growing belly during pregnancy

  • Suffer from minor incontinence during pre and post menopausal stages

  • Experiencing urinary and fecal urgency

  • You have been diagnosed with hypertonic or hypotonic pelvic floor

  • Performing repeat activities that impact your core

    (athletes, sailors, gymnasts etc.)

Femme jock : Your partner in recovery and healing

Firm support for pelvic muscles (both perineum and rectum muscles)

The only orthotic support that heals both muscle groups in your pelvic floor!
We Femme jock helps provide the support your pelvic floor muscles need while you about your busy day!

Works Great for Women in all ages 18 -99

a. Relives from sexual dysfunction, pain during sex etc. as a result of weakened pelvic floor
b. During Pregnancy, it can be worn for support ( Pelvic Floor muscles get tension from expanding belly and pushes bladder resulting in constant urination)
c. Post-partum support (Pelvic Floor muscles is weakened after a vaginal birth.) A mild lift and support aids in recovery from birth enabling your return to an active lifestyle. You can resume your work outs and still not impact the already weak muscles.
d. In Older woman, the belt reduces tension, aiding in recovery from organ prolapses, hypo-tonic or hypertonic pelvic floor issues.
e. In Geriatric population, reduces bladder leaks and provides confidence in going about normal lifestyle.

Urinary urgency and fecal incontinence prevention

The first product of its kind to help with urinal urgency and incontinence management. 
Continuous wearing gradually reduces urinary urgency and heals muscles to reduce bladder leaks and urgency to run to the restroom.
No pills needed! Just enhance your body’s natural healing process with the lift by wearing Femme Jock.
So Discreet no one will notice. (sssh… just wear it over your undies😊)
No Adjustable straps or bulky straps! Its simple, and is worn over your undies every day to support the pelvic floor muscles and save yourself from day-to-day inconvenience.
Ergonomic Fit. Firm Support. Great for everyday wear (P.S. comes in high waist and low waist styles)
Made with 100% medical grade elastic. Can be worn during exercise, to work, at home, and anywhere else.
Tailored to perfectly fit various body types. For a reason—the tailored fit frees you from the confusion of adjusting the tightness.
Take the guesswork of adjusting straps to provide support! It is tailored to target your pelvic floor muscles and accommodates all shapes of abdomen and support level. Just measure your waist and choose style (highwaist for firm support & low waist for medium support )

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